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About Us

OMM Digital are managed print specialists with over 27 years’ experience. We understand that business demands are ever changing and work with organisations to implement flexible, successful managed print programmes.

Our team specialise in building client-specific document solutions. We want to understand how your business works today, as well as your future plans. A successful print strategy needs to grow with the demands of your evolving business. Our specialists will work closely with you to identify key ways to support the management of documents throughout your organisation. We are experienced in working across many sectors including education, finance, law, insurance and healthcare. We have created managed print programmes to work in conjunction with various internal operating systems. Our print strategies are about supporting your business and the way you work.

Meet the team

Marcus Warren Director
Marcus Warren Director
Giles Denslow Machines Director
Giles Denslow Director
Sam Purdy Sales Support
Sam Purdy Business Development Manager
Sophie Washbourn
Sophie Washbourn Business Machines Specialist
Giles Denslow Machines Director
Chris Jones Service Manager
Pam Gruskin
Pam Gruskin Commercial Manager

Mike Brown
Mike Brown Engineer
Pat O'Rourke
Pat O'Rourke Engineer
Joe Baxter
Joe Baxter Engineer
Martin Tunak
Martin Tunak Engineer
Paul Critchlow
Paul Critchlow IT Consultant
Ted Brown
Ted Brown Engineer
Mark Gilder
Mark Gilder Finance Manager
Zara Morton
Zara Morton Accounts Assistant
Ewelina Wilson Accounts Assistant
Holly Croot
Holly Croot Marketing Manager
Matthew Oliva
Matthew Oliva Website Designer and SEO
David Oliva
David Oliva SEO and Online Content