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Secure Print

With companies optimising their print fleet and moving towards the use of multifunction devices, more users will print and send information via a shared machine, opening up the potential for a data leak.

With the changes announced for the new General Data Protection Law, which come into force May 2018, companies will need to protect their print fleet in the same way that they protect their I.T infrastructure. Multifunction devices, are responsible for producing, storing, archiving and transmitting documents – a gap in the security of any of these functions can result in penalties of up to 4% of a business’s annual turnover.

Secure printing allows all users to send their sensitive documents to network printers, only releasing the job at the machine when activated by user code or personal device. The extra layer of security not only eliminates breaches in security but reduces overprinting of a document and all associated waste.

Versatile ways to secure your print

secure print using card
Touch Card

secure print using mobile
Mobile Print

secure print by user ID
User ID Print Release

Uniflow logo

uniFLOW technology enables users to securely send their documents to any multifunction device/printer within the network – even if it’s in a different building. Users will then be able to access their print using an identity card, personal code or mobile device to download and print their documents to their chosen machine.

Security problems, many companies face:

  • Users send the same document to print many times after making corrections

  • Users send print jobs to the wrong printer

  • If a printer is unavailable, users need to walk back to their PC and re-send their document to another printer

  • Printed documents are left unattended at printer and picked up by the wrong person

  • Users are not aware of the cost incurred by the organisation

How uniFLOW technology can overcome these problems:

  • Users can pick up their print jobs from any printer

  • Users can use a single printer driver to print to any printer regardless of make or model

  • If one printer is out of service, users can walk to another printer to release their jobs

  • Users can pick up print jobs from other locations or for other users, if authorised

  • Your organisation can reduce the cost of unnecessary printing significantly

Papercut print management software Logo

PaperCutMF™ in the secure print software that works with multiple brands directly from the MFD panel. It’s also compatible with any operating platform including Win, Mac, Linux, Novell – making it the ideal software solution for any business.

Key Features:

  • Scales from 5 to 500,000 users

  • Works on any platform: Win, Mac, Linux, Novell

  • Automatically imports users from Active Directory, LDAP and more

  • Supported by a worldwide network of certified experts

  • Solve Mobile & BYOD printing allowing users to print from whatever device at their disposal

PaperCutMF™ gives you tighter control over your document printing:

Track all activity

Build on PaperCut NG printing PLUS copy, scan and fax.

Find-Me Printing

Print to a single global queue, walk up and collect at any device.

Secure print release

Ensure sensitive documents don't start printing until the user is there to collect.

Secure your multifunction printers

Stop unapproved usage. Validate access with swipe cards or device login.

Administer centrally, manage easily

Get full visibility of device activity from anywhere with browser-based admin tools.