Creating a Carbon Neutral Print environment.

Great strides have been made in reducing the amount of paper consumption within offices, however, it is still viewed as a necessity for businesses. Although most print environments have now been optimised with the use of multifunction devices and print management software, carbon emissions from printing are still inevitable, but there are steps that businesses can take to neutralise their print environment.

  1. Offsetting

We can calculate the average amount of carbon omitted in the production of your machine, using data gathered from manufacturers and research into their practices. The carbon produced is then off-set against a certified scheme.

  1. Reporting

Once a year we will measure your print output, and make a calculation on how much CO2 you have used through daily printing and offset that carbon. As we only support certified schemes, we will provide your business with certification documenting your environmental efforts.

  1. Management

Print management software is so advanced that it can re-route print jobs to the most efficient machine for the task, advise users on the greenest way to print and even question whether specific documents need to be printed at all. It is estimated that businesses can reduce paper consumption by up to 10% by using print management software.

  1. Less deliveries

OMM Digital is part of Total Office – a well-established office products provider. We work across London businesses and consolidate our deliveries geographically. Our drivers collect as well as deliver, maximising the time spent servicing each client efficiently. Our business is service driven and you won’t find another managed print provider in London that will deliver paper to your machine, collect your shredding, and recycle your toners all in one visit.

  1. Recycled consumables

Paper is one of our main services, as a result we have large buying power within the paper market. We stock recycled Woodland Trust printer paper, works well in our machines for good printing results and on top of that, it’s good for the environment with one tree being planted for every 12 boxes sold. Once the paper has been used, unwanted documents can be placed into our shredding bags ready before being recycled. We will also collect and recycle all of your used printer toners and cartridges, when we deliver your new ones.