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OMM Digital have a range of software solutions to support your business, our specialists will evaluate every aspect of your print usage and install specific software that meets the needs of your business.

Our print software solutions uniFLOW™ and PaperCut™ enhance print security. Both uniFLOW™ and PaperCut™ add an extra layer of print protection to your hardware as well as enabling users to send documents via a connected device to a secure print queue whether they are in or away from the office. Agile working plays an important part in most businesses, securing your print fleet with a robust print software is something that companies of all sizes need to consider to protect themselves, as well as their client base from breaches in security. Print software will also calculate your print usage with built in controls allowing users to think before they print, reducing print wastage and ultimately cutting the cost of printing.

Therefore™ and Therefore Online ™, is a document management software which enables businesses to capture all incoming and outgoing paper and electronic documents and file them automatically. The system will pick up key document identifiers such as client name or case number and save them in the appropriate file. Streamlining and organising your document flow throughout your organisation will not only greatly reduce paper files and archiving, but speed up document retrieval. Therefore is a modular software that can be shaped around your organisation and the departments within this, Therefore™ is a complex piece of software that needs to be phased in as part of an on-going document management strategy whereas Therefore Online is a plug in and go alternative, a scaled down version of its namesake, allowing businesses to quickly and effectively adopt a document management strategy.

Our software can be built around your present needs and grow according to future requirements, regardless of your organisation size or line of business. If you are considering a print management or document management solution, please contact one of our consultants for more information and support.


Our Software

Uniflow Software

Uniflow™ is the perfect solution for modern offices, allowing users to print from any device connected to the network. Flexible and scalable, Uniflow™ can be built around your specific needs and grow according to future requirements. With an enhanced security platform built in, it even provides a secure print trail for remote workers.

Therefore Software

Therefore™ is a smart software which creates a tailor-made workflow system that captures, manages and distributes information throughout your organisation. Employees will have access to documents in real-time resulting in greater staff efficiencies and improved customer service.

Paper Cut Software

PaperCutMF™ is the secure software solution that works with any brand of MFD and across multiple operating platforms. The highly compatible software offers secure printing, cost tracking and full visibility of your devices through a central administrator.


Mobile & Cloud

Businesses are beginning to recognise the value in deploying an agile and mobile workforce. Almost half of businesses are already allowing employees to connect their own mobile devices to company networks and printers. However, with this businesses are leaving the door wide open to potential security risks. Office technology needs to evolve alongside the business and the user, creating a seamless transition between mobile and office working, without threat and risk to the company and it's client base.


Mobile and cloud based technologies, are the future for businesses. Our team of consultants at OMM Digital ensure that we select the right hardware and software packages to support your business that will work alongside your business today and develop with advancements in technologies.

How we can help you

Our mobile office enablement solutions allow you to reap the benefits adoption mobile working practices without the associated management challenges and security concerns. The solutions can be fully integrated into your infrastructure to support multiple devices and operating systems, helping to improve productivity.

Discover how we can help prepare your business for the office of the future.

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