In today’s digital world businesses are handling more documents than ever, organisations need an effective document management system that enables you to process documents quickly and securely.

Digitising documents can completely revolutionise the way that your business operates, paper archives hamper productivity by making documents hard to find and even harder to share. Allowing your team access to documents at a click of a button results in much greater efficiencies that will not only be felt across your organisation but across your client base too.

Understanding your processes is key to moving you forward with a successful programme that will not only benefit you today but work with your plans for tomorrow.

Our consultancy team will visit each of your premises learning how each department works and understanding the document flow throught your company. All you need to know is that however you operate, there is a document managemnet solution for you.


"OMM Digital have successfully created and organised the way we handle and distribute documents within our business, they covered every area from the mailroom to the sales floor."


Document Management
is the process of turning
paper files into digital files







Therefore is the smart document management software that we use to organise your documents. This is done by transforming paper-based documents and business processes into electronic records and digital workflows. Therefore™ enhances the control of business processes and the knowledge of where documents are within a company. By improving the visibility an organisation has, it can optimise its processes, and provide more accurate information to employees, customers and suppliers. All files are stored in an easy, logical way, making it user-friendly and easy to implement from the start.

Therefore™ is a practical document management solution for most businesses, it’s fully customisable and scalable making it easy to move from a single user environment to an enterprise environment. Therefore is comprised of multiple modules, which can be built upon as your business transitions through paperless working.

Both paper and electronic documents can easily be saved in the Therefore™ system using various methods. Paper documents can easily be scanned into the system, either using our own Therefore™ Capture Client, via the MFP application found in most Canon MFD’s or using a third party scanning solution such as IRIS or Kofax. Using the Therefore™ Capture Client, documents can be indexed using barcodes, including 2D barcodes, or using zonal OCR. Electronic documents can also be easily brought into the system, either using drag and drop from Windows Explorer, a hot folder, or directly from a supported third-party application via one of the Therefore™ connectors.

Therefore™ allows users to access their documents and workflows on the go using a mobile app, a web browser, and an offline function. The Therefore™ Mobile App is supported on iOS, Android, and Windows phones and tablets. Therefore™ Web Access is ideal for companies with remote workers as this allows users to view, access, edit, and save their documents in Therefore™ using an internet browser. Finally, users can take documents offline, edit them and then synchronise with the server using Therefore™ Anywhere

Security is always a paramount concern for businesses, and most commonly the main reason for implementing a document management system. When documents are saved to Therefore™, it's signed with a digital signature which is verified every time the document is retrieved to ensure its authenticity. System Permissions make sure only authorized users have access to the system. Therefore™ Audit trail provides a complete report on all actions performed, such as saving or deleting documents and processing workflows.

Therefore™ is a long established document management system for businesses, as well as it’s many flexible business modules Therefore™ has also been developed to work with across a multitude of industries such as accountancy, banking, healthcare, consulting, education, pharmaceutical, insurance, legal, logistics, property and the public sector.

Therefore™ is a vast software with infinite capabilities, built to work around your business, across departments and cater to individual needs. By unlocking various modules, we are confident that we can build a document management solution for your business.

Our document specialists will analyse the way that you work to best determine what modules of Therefore™ will work for you. We will work with you to help you introduce the document management system to your workplace, whether that be as a complete solution or as part of a phased approach.



How Therefore™ works:

Therefore™ will capture and organise documents within a metadata-driven repository. It enables you to capture each document that enters your workplace, (no matter what format it arrives in) and organise and store it with ease.

The technology is compatible with Microsoft Office applications, ERP systems and various third-party productivity applications.

Hard copy documents will need to be scanned into the system using an MFD or desktop scanner. Electronic documents can be saved with simple drag-and-drop into the central repository for automatic storing. In each case, documents will need to be indexed with a unique identity code or read for “markers” which will help therefore™ determine where it should be stored.



Therefore™ is practical document management solution for most business. It's fully customisable and scalable making it easy to move from a single user environment to an enterprise environment. Therefore™ is comprised of multiple modules, which can be built upon as your business transitions through paperless working.