UniFLOW Online

Powerful cloud print- and scan management

One solution to secure your print and scan environment. uniFLOW Online provides cloud print management with various job submission pathways as well as comprehensive cloud scan management functionalities. Companies can track their print, scan and copy costs and export reports. A wide range of Canon MFP's and SFP's are supported via embedded applets. Multivendor devices can also become part of the secure print environment, thanks to the uniFLOW Release Station.



Cloud services create new opportunities

Those businesses that embrace cloud services are driven by opportunities to increase flexibility within their markets and to benefit from computing resources whilst spending less. Cloud print management and scan management reduces IT burden through eliminating servers and increases office productivity thanks to simplified print and scan processes.

  • Gain Control over costs
    Areas where costs can be scaled down can be indicated and reduced through targeted actions
  • Help save the environment
    Paper volume and power consumption is reduced by avoiding unnecessary prints and eliminating ‘Always On’ print servers
  • Increase security
    Only authorized users have access to devices and documents reach the right place.
  • Improve office productivity
    Various options to send and receive print jobs, change finishing options at the device and workflows to simplify print and scan processes.


Get started with uniFLOW Online. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPtU5OZ8pj0&t=2s