A managed print service gives businesses a strategic overview of their document printing, saving time, money and IT resources. An effective managed print programme will highlight any miss-use and overprinting issues, ultimately reducing one of the most common hidden expenses within a business, your everyday printing.

A simple print audit will give us all the information that we need to build a strong print management strategy for your business, you will be provided with a Multi-function device (MFD) which will allow you to print, scan and email securely all through one managed system.


At OMM Digital we pro-actively manage every aspect of your print environment, providing the technology, training, preventative maintenance, service support and remote monitoring. In short, we apply strategy to your print environment and give you one point of accountability for everything – from service support to billing.


"A managed print service strategy has reduced our print costs by almost 25%, as well as being environmentally friendly"







With companies optimising their print fleet and moving towards the use of multifunction devices, more users will print and send information via a shared machine, opening up the potential for a data leak.

With the changes to the new General Data Protection Law, which came into force May 2018, companies need to protect their print fleet in the same way that they protect their I.T infrastructure. Multifunction devices are responsible for producing, storing, archiving and transmitting documents – a gap in the security of any of these functions can result in penalties of up to 4% of a business’s annual turnover.

Secure printing allows all users to send their sensitive documents to network printers, only releasing the job at the machine when activated by user code or personal device. The extra layer of security not only eliminates breaches in security but reduces overprinting of a document and all associated waste.



Businesses need to protect their print fleet in the same way that they protect their IT infrastructure. A gap in security could result in a potential data leak, ultimately costing the company thousands.





uniFLOW™ technology is designed to help you get the most out of your multifunction device. uniFLOW™ is the one-platform software for all printing, scanning and device management. One of the key benefits of uniFLOW™ is its versatility, it can be built around your business and the way that you need to work whether it’s a small company or large corporation.

uniFLOW™ is a device-independent platform allowing for easy integration in a mixed fleet of devices. Unique features and technologies make uniFLOW a powerful software tool that maximises security while increasing business productivity.

Secure printing is of the upmost importance to businesses worldwide, companies have a responsibility to not just protect their own data but the data that others wish to share with them. Businesses need to ensure they have a robust secure print network and can provide a clear and secure trail for all documents passed through their system.

uniFLOW provides a smart way for businesses to guard against the potential miss-handling of documents. With little margin for user error, all print jobs are stored in each user’s personal secure print queue until they are released to an office printer of their choice. This can be to a wide variety of devices all on the network or just one centrally located machine. To prevent unauthorised use of devices, users are required to authenticate themselves at the device using a card login, PIN code or job code. Users can then select which of their print jobs to release from a list displayed directly on the device screen.

Businesses are quickly turning to uniFLOW technology to provide an extra layer of security and to drive down the hidden costs of everyday printing. Companies have reported as much as a 30% decrease in their office printing, in part due to the following:

  • Automatic deletion of unreleased print jobs
  • Implementing print policies e.g. setting duplex and black and white as default
  • Reroute print jobs from costly desktop printers to multifunctional devices or the print room
  • Allocation of costs to individual users, departments or projects
  • Reducing IT overheads by rolling out just one printer driver for your entire device fleet



The on-premise solution is available in different versions, uniFLOW, uniFLOW for SMB, uniFLOW Capture and the cloud-based uniFLOW online.



PaperCut™ is an all-round print management technology offering print security, device and cost management. The software is easy to install either on-site or remotely and is up and running within minutes. Used worldwide, the software is user-friendly with a logical, familiar operating platform.

PaperCut™ software is updated to evolve alongside global advancements in technology, which is why it’s a popular choice with companies across the world. The software itself is incredibly stable and is not prohibited by infrastructure, working seamlessly with an on-site, hybrid or a cloud-based print network.

The software is compatible with any brand of machine, so you can easily adopt a secure print strategy without the need to overhaul your hardware. It also integrates with all major 64-bit operating platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac and Novell.

PaperCut™ has been designed to give businesses better control over their print network resulting in higher efficiencies and drastically reduced printing costs. PaperCut offers full visibility across your print fleet with tracking, and tools for change which encourages users to change the way they print, create policies like duplex and black and white printing, or even a stop guard to check if they need to print at all. The built-in reports allow businesses to see newfound savings and focus areas in real-time.

Mobile and BOYD printing allows remote workers to print their documents once connected to the network, benefitting from the same level of control and security as their colleagues in-house. PaperCut is compatible with Mobility Print, Web Print, Email to Print, Google Cloud Print and iOS Printing making the transition from remote working to workplace simple.

Increasing document security is the main reason that PaperCut™ is installed in offices worldwide. PaperCut™ protects sensitive documents with Find-Me printing. Users print to a global virtual queue and can release their documents securely while at the device. Devices can also be secured with user authentication via a touch screen or card reader at the MFD. Sensitive documents can also be given an additional layer of security by using watermarking and digital signatures to include the owner ID on every document.

PaperCut is a smart simple to install and easy to manage software. Proven, trusted and rarely problematic, it’s easy to see why so many businesses are using the software to manage their document printing.



PaperCut is used by more than 50,000 organisations in 100+ countries to cut costs and environmental impact.